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Josh Polgardi
February 15, 2023
mins read

Hi, Money. Meet My Friend Honesty.

In a world where banking apps separate your needs from the people that can solve them, we built Monesty. Monesty is a new way to bank online that will feel warm and familiar – like your corner bank branch of old – but with all the technology you need to manage and protect your money on the go. 

We are a real bank, all online, by humans, for humans.  Monesty restores the trust and human connection you once experienced at your local branch – except in a super convenient, digital way anyone can use. 

If you’re new here and interested in online banking, welcome. We’re so happy to have you as part of the family. To get started, here are four things you should know to see how banking with Monesty is different:

1. Human-First Digital Banking 

Monesty refuses to cut corners when it comes to you and any banking help you may need. Anyone (yes, anyone!) that comes to our site can talk to use live in your preferred way – live chat, call, or video call with a real human is always available during customer service hours through MonestyLive.

  • Need help opening a checking or savings account? (Done.)
  • Curious about a feature on our app? (Done.)
  • Want some tips about how to help your kids open their first account? (Done.)
  • Get a new cat and just need to tell someone? (Done.)

From the ground up, we built Monesty to connect with you online the way you used to know your bank 25 years ago. 

2. Money + Honesty = Monesty

Monesty believes banking should be simple, straightforward, and secure. By design, our platform is easy-to-use and packed full of features for enhanced security, real-time account monitoring, and alerts for suspicious activity. 

Here’s what no one will tell you: nothing is 100% secure, there’s too much data out there moving from place to place. Every swipe of a credit or debit card can potentially be intercepted, it happens all the time. 

What you need is: 

  • The highest levels of preventive security. (Done.) 
  • Real-time monitoring to alert you to suspicious activity. (Done.)
  • Real humans to help you solve it. (Done.)

3. Families Bank Better 

Sure, we have entry level accounts everyone will love with all the same customer service. But our passion is helping families bank as a unit. You may have kids who are experts in technology, but need your monitoring to help them spend wisely. Or, you may have aging parents and relatives who are seasoned money managers, but need a hand with the technology. 

Well, with Monesty you can add EverSafe to any checking or savings account that not only offers increased security – it also allows you to assign additional user credentials so any trusted person can help monitor any one else’s account. 

This kind of banking rebuilds the relationships and connectedness amongst ourselves, our friends, and our families that technology sort of devoured. 

4. The Greatest Rates Out There 

We’re committed to incredible rates. Once upon a time, your checking or savings account paid next to zero while your bank loaned it right back out for 10-15% interest. No longer. We take your trust seriously, and we pay you for that trust. 

When you win, we win. Check out our Checking Account and Savings Account pages to get the rates even our board thinks are too generous!

Join the Family

Monesty believes you deserve a banking experience that is simple, secure, and convenient. With enhanced security, real-time alerts, adding trusted users to your account, and real human support, Monesty is restoring the familiarity, trust, and security you used to get from your old bank to the modern conveniences of digital banking. 

So, why wait? Join Monesty today – the future of banking is here.

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